We at SRPS call ourselves a social business, and part of that title involves the commitment to having a plastic free office, in particular one-time usage plastic. Part of the reason behind this commitment is due to Cambodia, and the world, facing a crisis in plastic pollution. Sir David Attenborough, in his recent series Blue Planet II, highlighted how the future of all life depends on us, and such a message resonated with the SRPS team.

SRPS says no to plastic!

As part of our change, we as a team have agreed to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic in our daily lives. Not only this, but to not use plastic, wherever possible, in our office. We’ll still be using our laptops (!) however you won’t see plastic coffee cups, bags and polystyrene trays! When plastic is used, a small fine will be incurred and the staff member will take on thirty minutes of rubbish collection along the river. Major corporations are not acting fast enough, it’s time for small and medium businesses to pave the way!

For more information on this topic, watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=15&v=unOqVELbTr0