One of our good finds in Salakamreuk, the Seven Star Restaurant! The local run Seven Star Restaurant is right at the start of Salakamreuk Road, a mere 3-minute ride from Pub Street or just a 10-minute walk.

Enjoy Kuy Teav គុយទាវ, Omelet ពងទាចៀន, and fried rice បាយឆា from their menu!
Prices: Food $1.00 – $2.50, Drinks $0.25 – $1


Sangkat Salakamreuk is in the south-east portion of Siem Reap and a short moto/bike ride from the town centre. If you are looking for the quaint and tranquil piece of town and yet still requiring easy access to the excitement and active buzz of the centre, our properties in this area are perfect for you. We currently have six (6) houses that have recently become available for rent.