This weekend SRPS bade farewell to our Office Manager, Sothea Sun, who has worked for the company for over 3 years! Starting with SRPS in 2017, Sothea assisted in transforming a start-up, to a well-run, organised business – bringing order and structure from which foundations could be built on.

Saying goodbye was never going to be easy, but we are confident that whatever Sothea puts his mind to, he will be successful at. We hope the skills and lessons learned with SRPS over the past 3 years, hold him in good stead for whatever the new chapter brings.

During his time, Sothea trained our small team in areas of business administration, website uploads, marketing and customer relations. When training, he always showed patience, consistency and diligence. We are in particular thankful for the professional and comprehensive handover he gave his successor, Ms. Lyhong.

It’s not goodbye though, as SRPS has always, and will always be more than a business. We have built relationships which will continue and anytime you’re missing the team, our Office is just a motor-ride away!

Thank you for all you have done over these past 3 years. You can walk away knowing you made a huge impact to this small business, and SRPS would not be where it is today, without your commitment, consistency and dedication.