We attended a Collaboration Cambodia-event held at the end of August about Volunteering. We felt it was important to participate as we often find volunteers accommodation hence, it’s great to understand the challenges they face and find out how we can support them, at the same time increase our awareness and engage in dialogue regarding how it can be done responsibly.



We at SRPS believe that skilled volunteers need assistance about travelling, accommodation and most importantly, to be informed and culturally aware. Volunteering can be a vehicle for people to do what they’re passionate about, however, it is important that volunteers are able to properly determine whether they possess the actual skill set necessary for their volunteer work to be successful. This is what was tackled during the event. Discussing some of the much-needed points about volunteering such as, “Why do we have volunteers?“, “What are the challenges and concerns related to volunteers?“, “How can we direct good intentions?“, etc.



As a socially aware business, it was an enlightening, informative and engaged discussion that we know is of foremost interest for NGOs and social enterprises not only in Siem Reap but to the whole of Cambodia. It has given us a clear overview of how, as a local business, we can assist both volunteers and organisations in making their stay and their projects successful with positive and long-lasting impact.

Photos courtesy of Siem Reap NGO Network.