SRPS would like to introduce a coffee shop favorite of ours! Noi Café is a well-known street coffee shop in Siem Reap, opening almost 7 years ago by Mr. Vun Sarit and his wife Ms. Keo Sarin.

Noi started in 2013 out of a desire to support their family, whilst doing something that they were passionate about. One day they saw a small café and began to wonder if it was something they could do themselves…this planted the seed in their mind to start their own café.

Noi started as a small café in front of Angkor High School and lots of students liked it! They wondered if they could build something bigger, so Mr. Sarit and Ms Sarin started to save up until they reached their goal they need to grow!

Now, in 2020, they have opened 10 more Noi Cafés in Siem Reap. The three well known places that most people go to are at the corner of Angkor Trade Centre, the corner of Angkor High School and the corner of Old Market when you come down from the bridge. Noi Café is not only located in Siem Reap, but they also now have shops in Phnom Penh and Battambang Provinces that are owned by their relatives. What makes Noi Café so special and unique is that they buy good value coffee and sell it at affordable prices. Noi’s dream for the next two – three years’ time is to open even more Noi Cafés around Cambodia in different provinces, making sure people feel good and providing the best service they can for their customers.

Written by Nicky Tom.